Basics in typography style

Literature for young designers.

Basics in typography style

Each person has a starting point in your life when you need to decide in which direction you need it, and most importantly, it is interesting to develop. And often, this point is at the beginning of life.

In the case of the formation of the path of such a profession as a designer, it is best to learn as much information as possible about the basics and intricacies of the various spheres of design industry. This will help you and our compilation of six books.

— «Add air-based visual design to graphics, web and multimedia,» Kim Golombinski

If you begin to develop a brochure design or make your own website without a serious art education and experience, this book will be indispensable for you. Written in easy language and delivered from the complex professional terms and theoretical concepts, it is a clear and practical guide for graphic and web design and layout, sufficient for the development of the necessary principles and methods of work of the designer in any of the formats of the printed products to the Web.

— «The Design of Everyday Things» by Donald A. Norman

In his daily life man is faced with a mass of things that have become familiar to him: the door, switches, faucets, computer keyboards, etc. Not all of these products are designed so that they facilitate consumer use. The author analyzes the fascinating form of this phenomenon, bringing diverse examples of design errors.

— «Profession -. Illustrator Learning to think creatively,» Natalie Rutkowski

This book is about how illustrator learn to see and to think, to work efficiently and consistently, not assaults, and how to learn to believe in yourself and your talent. Good, witty illustration of lives not only through skill illustrator and refined graphic art. It makes interesting first original graphic metaphor. This book will help you find the bright images for the transmission of direct and hidden meaning of the illustrated text.

— «Design — it is work,» Mike Monteiro

The book is a well-known web designer Mike Monteiro shares the secrets of his profession. According to an authoritative statement of Mike, the success of projects is not only genius webmasters, but also in the ability to listen to the last, to see … yes! study. To succeed, the web designer needs to properly set goals, to be able to present their high-quality work and to distinguish people who do not understand the value of design.

— «Art of Color» Johannes Itten

It addressed primarily to artists, illustrators, web designers, architects, professionals involved in the design and all those who want to learn to understand and master the harmony of colors.

— «Fundamentals of style in typography» by Robert Bringhurst

Book Canadian poet, writer and book designer Robert Bringhurst — bible typography. The author tells about the letters, fonts and work with text.

It explains how to get cool results in the design of the text, select and match fonts, describes more than 130 popular text and title font, and more.

Basics in typography style шрифт скачать бесплатно

Basics in typography style шрифт скачать бесплатно

Basics in typography style шрифт скачать бесплатно

Basics in typography style шрифт скачать бесплатно

Basics in typography style шрифт скачать бесплатно

Basics in typography style шрифт скачать бесплатно


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