05. DIN

Family: Sans serif

The modern font developed by the Dutch designer. The abbreviation of «DIN», in translation from German means «the German Institute of Rating». It was initially used as the text on road signs and numbers of apartments. But  for many years its  business geometrical forms decorate the German web design. In 1995 it was updated by Albert-Jan Pul, up-dating included more stylistic options, and also the new DIN Rounded format.

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04. Helvetica

Family: Sans Serif

Designer: Max Miedinger, Eduard Hoffmann

It seems, it is impossible to discuss a subject of printing house without Helvetica mention. The font has deserved the status of a legend thanks to the fact that he is used by almost each designer in the world. His name and style are known to the public.

Helvetica has been developed to create the competition to the Akzidenz-Grotesk font, and his initial name was — Die Neue Haas Grotesk. The font represents the Swiss style of graphic design from far the 1950th. But its broad application in all forms of design has led to the fact that it «has somewhat become boring» therefore it has been developed some more its under — forms, such as Arial. Nevertheless, it remains modern classics.

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03. Gothic Tangram

Family: Sans serif

Fantastic font for writing of headings. Alternate Gothic and its options remain extremely popular choice for those who need impartial, almost impudent font. Accurate at rather small sizes. Being a particle of the American industrialism, looks perfectly and during a digital era.

It became extremely popular after the Studio of design «The League of Moveable Type» has created his updated version with open source codes.

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02. FF Meta Serif

Family: Serif

Designer: Christian Schwartz, Erik Spiekermann, Kris Sowersby

Eric Shpikerman describes the Meta family as «brought closer to classics», and at the same time frankly speaking, he is over-modest, because the Meta font really is classics, especially the version without notches. It is an authoritative font which perfectly works with various scenarios.

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01. Georgia

Family: Serif

Designer: Matthew Carter

What? A system font at the head of rating? It is hard to believe but Georgia is a favourite font of the people working in network. Perhaps the answer is in that it has been developed for «screen» than for the press. Or maybe bacause it managed to contain both beauty and clearness and simplicity as well.

Extremely accurate at the small sizes and majestic in the italic option, Georgia confirms the value, despite abundance of alternatives, and reminds that sometimes, the best tools are directly at us near by.

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