What is the best?

The best that a font that is easier to read. However, the paper and the screen text is read in different ways. Therefore, the font that works best for the site, in the press is not always used.What font is the best?

Remember the rule: on paper, it is best to read serif font (Serif), with a screen — a sans serif font (Sans Serif).

I think the reason is that paper and screen information is displayed in different ways. Thus, in commercial printing for the font from the norm is 700 dpi (dots per inch — dots per inch), and image sharpness on the screen is only 72 dpi — ten times less …

But back to our question — what the font is better? The unequivocal answer to it can be given with respect to the websites: this is Verdana. And this is not my point of view, as a scientifically proven fact. This font is really best to read from the screen! This font is quite an interesting story.

It has been specifically designed for Microsoft in 1996 as a font that is easy to read from the screen even when a small amount of letters. The absence of serifs, wide size characters and large distances between them, Verdana font is really great read!

Another thing is that the stunning readability, it is something very nice: in fact want to make the text was not only easy to read but also to make it look nice (although like / dislike — it is a matter of taste). Then you need to look for an alternative — the good, they are.


Four of the best: Arial font, Helvetica, Verdana and Georgia

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As the results of a survey of 35 web designers magazine Smashing Magazine, first divide the two fonts: Helvetica and Arial. (For a general education to say that Helvetica was developed by Swiss designers more than half a century ago, and the Arial font twenty years younger.) These fonts — the most widespread on the Internet, and therefore can claim to be the best.

Very popular (and widely loved) Refined font Georgia. Despite the fact that the serif font, it is very widespread in the Internet. It, for example, is used as the main font in the online version of the magazine Forbes.

In fact, if you look on the Internet decent web sites, then you may find that four fonts found throughout the above. Other fonts are the exception rather than the rule. So, summing up, we can summarize that the best fonts for a site — is Arial, Helvetica, Verdana and Georgia.

As for the font to read a paper, they are so many (several thousand), which is isolated from them any better is almost impossible. However, no matter how corny it sounds, the press widely Times New Roman font and its variations. Therefore, the laurels better font offline leave him.


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